The following info is for Priests and their guests to make a retreat to a beautiful, quiet part of Minnesota.

RESERVATIONS: Please make your reservations through Jim Andrie at You will pick up the keys for the cabin and depart from Angle Outpost Resort. They do have boats available for rent (not included) and also have a landing if you bring your own boat. Their contact info is:

Angle Outpost Resort
8206 Dawson Road Box 128
Angle Inlet Mn. 56711
Phone #800-441-5014
The Owners are Jason and Lisa Goulet.

Some things you need to be aware of:

  1. You will need to travel into Canada to get to the Northwest Angle. Canadian laws apply. You will need a passport to enter Canada and re-enter the USA.
  2. The road has about 30 miles of gravel at the northern most portion.
  3. When you re-enter the USA, in the NW Angle,  you need to call US Customs. This place is called Jim’s corner and is well identified by the signs. It takes about five minutes by phone to tell them who you are and the people traveling in your vehicle. There will be a big fine if you get caught not checking in and out. Like wise when you leave the angle you need to call Canadian Customs and do the same. I recommend having a paper and pen as they will give you a number.
  4. The cabins are located on an Island. Each cabin is set up for four people. If you want to bring more than four people we ask you get approval from the Chairman of the board of trustees prior to making reservations.
  5. You will have to take drinking water with you. If you have a container, water is available at the resort.
  6. We have occasionally seen bears on the island. Other than an occasional screen that gets ripped we haven’t had any problems with them.
  7. We have things identified when you arrive you will need to turn on the water heater. We ask you turn it off on your departure. Please remove your garbage back to the resort or take home with you.
  8. The cabins are not insulated. If you like camping it is a great place. We have hot water, showers, composting toilets, electric stoves, all of the cooking utensils you should need.
  9. You will need to bring sleeping bags, towels, food, drinking water, cooking oi, etc. We do have fire wood and a fire pit available in front of the cabins.
  10. Enjoy the great scenery God has provided and if you like to fish, the fishing is best close to the Fort from June 1st thru August 1st or until it gets really warm out. After that I would recommend you head down to Garden Island to the deeper water.