Pictured on the right is Sir Knight Paul Beckel. Paul past away in 2016. Paul was an insperation to many of us. Paul will be missed. Paul was a long time member and a Past Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Paul"s family donated a very large memorial in the his name for the upkeep anmd mainatance of Fort St Charles. Thank You to the Family of Paul Beckel for this donation.





Pictured Above Richard Babler is presented with the US Flag flown over this historic site from Spring 2012 thru Spring 2013. Richard is being presented the flag by Chairman Jim Andrie and Tim Paquin for all his years of work. Richard was appointed to the board in 1987 and has served since that time. I am proud as the Chairman of the Board to honor Richard for his many years of service.


 I also want to Thank the many Fourth Degree Knights from the State on Minnesota who support this site. All of the work that has been done at the site is through the generous donations of time, talent and money. This is truly a big undertaking as could not be done with out you. For myself, when I visit the Fort Site, I think of all of those who have gone before us. From 1732 thru 1756 it was French Fur traders; in 1908 it was rediscovered; In 1949 the 4th Degree Knights took this on a project. Thank you to all the Knights alive and deceased who have worked, prayed and enjoyed this beautiful site. 
Sincerely, Jim Andrie (Chairman)


Logs Of Legacy:  Please take a moment to visit the Logs of Legacy page. We have a capitol project underway to replace the chapel. The chapel was built in the early 1950's and is decaying and in need of replacement. Thank You for your consideration.